Bartaco GAME DAY party pack

February 1, 2017

The countdown is on only 4 more sleeps until Super Bowl Sunday! Do you have all of your food for the biggest party of the year? This year the stakes are even higher since our hometown team the Atlanta Falcons are playing! It’s not too late to guarantee you will have a Super Bowl winning spread by simply pre-ordering a Game Day Party Pack from Bartaco!

Leading up to the big game, our Atlanta fans can pre-order their GAME DAY party pack, and even a family-style batch of famous GUAC for pick-up. We’re encouraging all our neighbors to turn their living room into a bartaco tailgate party. Tacos, tailgate, touchdown!

Want to make your own Bartaco Guac? Take a look at their recipe and make it for all your parties! bartaco guac recipe


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Bartaco at Inman Park

July 25, 2016

IMG_7291Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since we have wrote a post but we are back and boy do we have something exciting to share with you. I want to share with you about Bartaco located in Inman Park. Bartaco has upscale street food inspired by the beach culture of Brazil, Uruguay, and Southern California. This is not your traditional Mexican restaurant (no queso *sigh) but that’s okay the food they do have certainly makes up for it. One recommendation when going to Bartaco is make sure you go with a few friends, that way you can order a bunch of stuff and try different things.

First, let’s highlight some drink options. If you aren’t feeling adventurous and want to stick with an original, I would recommend the bartaco margarita. Keeping it simple in this case isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, this is one of the best margarita’s around! If you are looking for a refreshing summer cocktail I would recommend the sashito. It includes flor de cana silver rum, lemon juice, angostura bitters, combier liquer, luxardo aperitivo and is finished with a fresh piece of watermelon. We also sampled the spring caipirinha + the frezcal. All their cocktails are phenomenal and you can’t go wrong (plus the servers are very knowledgeable) so feel free to ask them.

Now the FOOD!

One of my favorite things about Bartaco is that each month or so they release a “secret taco” all you have to do is ask your server for the Bartaco secret taco. I have had their secret taco 3 or 4 times already and it has never disappointed! There are so many other yummy options in addition to their secret taco. Some of my personal favs are the baja fish, sesame ribeye, and pork pastor just to name a few. In addition to their delicious hand-crafted tacos they also offer some incredible rice-bowls! My favorite hands down is the sesame ribeye bowl, not only are they delicious but the vibrant vegetables in them make them very aesthetically pleasing! Bartaco also has a few different dishes you have to order for the table. A few of these items include: plaintains (it comes with this AMAZING sauce!), grilled corn (get one on and off the cob), guacamole (what’s Mexican food without amazing guac??) and finally last but not least the rotisserie chicken. Now before you go saying “Are you serious, a rotisserie chicken, at a Mexican place?” Yes, I am very serious, it is seriously amazing! I did not expect it to be either, but the server told us to trust him and boy am I glad we did! Also, be sure to ask for the same sauce that comes with the plantains, it’s a game changer. After you order ALL of this (or just come back, I know I will) make sure you get dessert. All of their dessert options are amazing, you really can’t go wrong. From the churros served with a chocolate sauce, to the key lime pie in a jar. Like I said the more people you bring along the more things you can try!

Bartaco certaintly knows how to do things right, from their amazing drinks, to their handcrafted cocktails, I 100% reccomend you coming to try for yourself and don’t forget to ask your server about the Bartaco secret taco and tell them eatyourheartoutatl sent ya!



Saturday Date Night

December 7, 2015

Hi guys!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday’s! It has been a while since we have wrote a post, but that is because we just got back from our Honeymoon a few weeks ago! We had a great time, but missed our city. This past Saturday night we decided to hit the town again and discover some new spots. We started the night out on our favorite side, you guessed it, the Westside! There is a fairly new bar called Little Trouble which is located just under Marcel, which we wrote about in a previous post. This bar is very unique, it is made from the inside of a bunch of different shipping containers and the atmosphere is really chill. They have amazing cocktails and some tasty asian cuisines, from homemade dumplings to meat sticks to ramen! Whether you want to come here for a quick drink and bite to eat (like we did) or if you want to hang out for a few hours with a big group of friends. There are a lot of different lounging options (booths, tables, and couches). We decided to order the classic old fashion, which had a hint of a licorice taste. It wasn’t strong but just enough to know it was there. We also ordered a side of chicken curry dumplings (they were out of beef at the time). It had the perfect crispiness on the outside and a great chicken curry flavor on the inside. The crispy noodles were also ordered, which was topped with bits of amazing beef short rib. Overall, I would give these two dishes a 10 out of 10! We love to eat so you know we didn’t stop there. We headed over to Krog Street Market. Let me tell you, if you haven’t been there do yourself a favor and go this weekend! There are so many different types of food + you can grab a brew at Hop City. If you feel like you ate (or drank) too much you can walk it off on the Beltline down the street if it is a nice day. Back to The Luminary and our experience. The first thing that will catch your eye is the decor. If you have been to The Optimist (which we also reviewed) than it will remind you of their decor but brighter. We like to split things, that way we get a taste of a few different items. On their snacks they had a sausage gravy poutine, which was too die for! The key to every good poutine is the gravy and the fries. The sausage gravy was perfectly seasoned and the fries were nice and crispy. We also ordered the parisienne gnocchi because you can never have too many dishes with cheese curds! Am I right?! Too top our dinner off we ordered the crispy chicken leg that came with couscous and fresh vegetables. The chicken came right off the bone and the skin was flavorful and crispy. Krog Street is the perfect atmosphere for a relaxed or fancy date night and we recommend you even just bring some friends. Let us know your experience at these places or any other places around ATL. Thanks for reading!

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August 27, 2015

Today’s restaurant highlights a great spot in Buckhead called Lusca. This was our first time at Lusca and we were impressed! First of all they have happy hour from 5-7 Monday through Friday with half priced oysters! We arrived around 5:30 and had dinner reservations at 7 but we had to take advantage of the happy hour! We were able to sit with some friends at the bar with no problem or wait which was nice. We ended up sampling the majority of the oysters (we couldn’t pronounce or remember the names of over half of them) but we can tell you they were all delicious! The presentation was top notch, they were served in a tin pan over a bed of ice with lemon, and plenty of things to add onto the oysters. The bartender recommended a refreshing cocktail to pair with it and we ordered the LA RAMBLA which included gin, tonic, campari, elderflower, rosemary. We closed our tab and then went to our table. It seemed pretty empty up until around the time of our reservation at 7 and then it suddenly was packed out. The cool thing about Lusca is they have a rotating dinner and beer menu. Of course you have some dishes and beers that are always available but there are a few you can only get on certain days. After eating all those oysters, we weren’t starving but of course had to try some things on their regular menu. For an appetizer the table ordered the Rock Crab which was basically this amazing avocado toast, with a bedding of delicious crab meat. Another person at our table ordered the Uni which was a pasta with sea urchin. It sounds strange but I promise it was so good! It is always good to be open minded when going to restaurants you will be surprised what you like! For entrees we ordered the burger (which I believe is one of their rotating entrees). It was recently voted in the top 8 burgers in Atlanta, and after eating it we surely know why. We also split the hanger steak which was cooked to perfection just as we ordered it. Although we could’ve stopped eating after that, but we wanted to make a run at their dessert menu. This is also rotating and this particular night we had their fruit tart dish which was served with a scoop of ice cream. Overall, Lusca gets 10 out of 10 stars from the vibe of the restaurant, to the service and most importantly the food and drinks. Go give it a try and tell them EatYourHeartOutATL sent you!

Bar picture by Sara Longsworth



August 19, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 11.15.03 AM
As you guys know Ford Fry is one of the most if not most successful restaurant owners in all of ATL. A few weeks ago we went to his new spot Marcel located in the Westside. I don’t even know where to begin! This was by far one of the most amazing experiences of dining we have had hands down. The inside of it is wonderfully decorated and the perfect spot for a romantic date night. We sat down and were immediately greeted by a waiter whose specific job was taking our drink orders. We ordered two different cocktails: La Vie En Rose which was a whiskey based cocktail and then THE GAUDIN which was gin based. Both were fantastic and tasty in their own way. The menu is primarily French dishes, so unless your an expert on French foods. We recommend you ask the waiter/waitress specifically about what they are. After all, that is what they get paid for right?! For our appetizer we chose the Oysters Bienville and let us tell you, those were some of the best oysters ever! They were baked in a cream sauce that included chunks of freshly cut bacon, so good! For our entrèe we ordered the Lobster Tortelloni that was served in a sherry sauce. Those were amazing as well. For our sides we ordered Pommes Dauphinoise which were these fresh scalloped potatoes served in a skillet with melted cheese on top. We also ordered the Spinach Gnudi; ricotta stuffed spinach shells. We were pretty stuffed after, but the waitress convinced us to order dessert and even though we were full we are glad we did! We went with the Baked Alaska which was a experience in itself. They lit the marshmallow on fire with a liquor right in front of us! While it can be pricey, it was well worth every dollar spent. We highly recommend it for either a romantic date night, or if you are trying to win over a business client with high quality tastes. Check it out and tell them EatYourHeartOutATL sent you!
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Pictures via Marcel