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May 29, 2015

Welcome to Eat Your Heart Out ATL! This is a blog focused on bringing the perfect place for you to dine in the city. Our blog currently consists of 2 writers in which we go out all around ATL looking for the best spots. The idea came to us when some of our friends constantly came up to us asking us for places to eat in the city. We then thought, the perfect way was to start a food blog where they can constantly access all the places we venture out too. This way they can decide which places are good for specific occasions. Our blog consists of many ideas, whether it’s for a special date night, or a birthday for one of your best friends. Our goal here at Eat Your Heart Out ATL is to bring it all to you! After all, there’s not a better way to unite people than over a delicious meal! Are we right?! We believe Atlanta is one of the coolest cities and have the best places to eat all around. We love venturing from all places from “hole in the walls” to 5 star restaurants we want to have recommendations for them all! We hope this blog serves as a great resource for you when looking for the perfect place to eat for the right occasion.


T Y L E R  S H A C K L E F O R D  &  B R I T T A N Y  S H A R P

Tyler and Brittany are the faces behind Eat Your Heart Out Atl. The couple resides in Atlanta, GA and love everything about the city! From the restaurants, the coffee shops, to the music, to the shops, they love it all. Their hearts are to see Atlanta flourish and for people to share the same love as them. The idea came when they frequently found many of their friends coming to them asking for the perfect spot for anything ranging from a date night to a birthday dinner. They both are marketing graduates from Georgia Gwinnett College. The two have been best friends for years but it wasn’t until February 2014 that Brittany decided to give Tyler a try and go on a date. The two love trying new spots whether it’s for a date night or a night out with friends. They love to go on Saturday adventures – no agenda, just exploring new places around town. Together they love to venture the streets on Atlanta (Brittany always with a camera in hand), finding the new place to eat and drink at, and drink lattes.

Connect with Tyler: Instagram // Twitter      :::::      Connect with Brittany: Instagram //  Twitter

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