August 19, 2015
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As you guys know Ford Fry is one of the most if not most successful restaurant owners in all of ATL. A few weeks ago we went to his new spot Marcel located in the Westside. I don’t even know where to begin! This was by far one of the most amazing experiences of dining we have had hands down. The inside of it is wonderfully decorated and the perfect spot for a romantic date night. We sat down and were immediately greeted by a waiter whose specific job was taking our drink orders. We ordered two different cocktails: La Vie En Rose which was a whiskey based cocktail and then THE GAUDIN which was gin based. Both were fantastic and tasty in their own way. The menu is primarily French dishes, so unless your an expert on French foods. We recommend you ask the waiter/waitress specifically about what they are. After all, that is what they get paid for right?! For our appetizer we chose the Oysters Bienville and let us tell you, those were some of the best oysters ever! They were baked in a cream sauce that included chunks of freshly cut bacon, so good! For our entrèe we ordered the Lobster Tortelloni that was served in a sherry sauce. Those were amazing as well. For our sides we ordered Pommes Dauphinoise which were these fresh scalloped potatoes served in a skillet with melted cheese on top. We also ordered the Spinach Gnudi; ricotta stuffed spinach shells. We were pretty stuffed after, but the waitress convinced us to order dessert and even though we were full we are glad we did! We went with the Baked Alaska which was a experience in itself. They lit the marshmallow on fire with a liquor right in front of us! While it can be pricey, it was well worth every dollar spent. We highly recommend it for either a romantic date night, or if you are trying to win over a business client with high quality tastes. Check it out and tell them EatYourHeartOutATL sent you!
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Pictures via Marcel

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